iConcerge at the Hostelco Awards

/ November 7, 2016

During our participation at Hostelco last October we had the pleasure to present our new exciting project: iConcierge.

iConcierge is an NFC-based guest management system designed and developed by our team. It consists of two main elements:

  • iConcierge Tag, a smart wristband that incorporates an NFC microchip, allowing it to store data which then can be scanned from a reading terminal without the need of either device to be connected to any network. This tag is handled to the hotel guests upon check-in.
  • iConcierge App, an app that can be installed into any mobile device with Android OS and NFC technology, allowing it to process the information contained in the wristband. This app is managed by the hotel’s staff.

The wristband allows guests to perform a number of actions within the hotel premises, including check-ins, access control (doors, room safes), easy payments and much more.

On the other hand, the software not only allows the hotel staff to handle the guests’ requests from a backend perspective, but it also provides the management with an invaluable source of data, automatically generating tailor-made statistics in order to track the usage of the facilities by the guests as well as other interesting features, allowing for an overall improved customer experience.

iConcierge‘s possibilities are unlimited and they reach as far as your imagination, since our engineers can always customize the software according to your hotel’s needs.

iConcierge’s features are unmatched by any other in the hospitality industry, and its unique and innovative character earned us the recognition of the jury at the Hostelco Awards, where we ended up as finalists in the category of Innovative Product.

During the trade show, iConcierge was also featured at Hostelco Lab, a virtual showroom showcasing the latest trends in the hospitality products.

Would you like to implement iConcierge in your hotel?

If you are in the hotel industry and you wish to implement iConcierge for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our CSO Dylan Suriñach (dylan@iconcierge.com) and our CTO Jordi Oller (jordi@iconcierge.com) directly, we’ll be glad to tell you more about it and solve any questions you may have.

– The Hotel Pros Worldwide Team.

Hotel Pros Worldwide at Hostelco 2016

/ November 2, 2016

Last October 23-26, 2016, Barcelona hosted Hostelco, the largest hospitality trade show in Spain, happening only once every two years.

Hotel Pros Worldwide participated with a 35m² booth where we showcased sample products from each of the 8 categories we specialize in for hotels.

In addition, we premiered our new product, iConcierge, an integral NFC-based guest management system designed and developed by our team, capable of handling check-ins, opening doors and safes, making payments and much more.

We’d like to thank all the visitors and clients who visited our booth during the event, we really hope you enjoyed it.

Here are a few shots from the event, see you in the next one!

– The Hotel Pros Worldwide Team.

Hostelco 2016 in Barcelona coming soon…

/ October 19, 2016

Hotel Pros Worldwide will be participating at the XVIIIth edition of Hostelco, taking place next October 23-26 in Barcelona.

Hostelco is the largest hospitality-oriented trade show in Spain, happening only once every two years and gathering all the key players in the industry in a single space for 4 days of intensive networking and business activity.

This year, we will be having a 35m² booth with sample products from each one of the 8 categories we work with on display for our visitors see.

In addition, we will be presenting our brand new project: iConcierge, an integral NFC-based guest management system fully designed and developed by our team which, so far, has already been selected as one of the three finalists at the Hostelco Awards in the category of Innovation.

More news on this and other topics coming!

– The Hotel Pros Worldwide Team.

Welcome to our new website!

/ October 19, 2016

Hotel Pros Worldwide‘s new website and blog have just been launched!

We will be posting regularly with news and updates about the company and new projects.

Stay tuned!

– The Hotel Pros Worldwide Team.